Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Scarves by Mikal: New Member

I have been a painter for as long as I remember. Since retiring, I have done several shows and participated in festivals. My scarves were so easy to transport to the festivals , sold quite well, and are fun to do. I hold three to four workshops every year locally in Lake Havasu, Arizona.

I love to read, walk, swim and have a super black lab that I have trained recently as a service dog.

I still paint in oil when the mood strikes, but really like the silk process .

I am looking forward to participating with the Silk Artist Team.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Team Member- Malorie

I am Malorie and I live in Austin, TX with my husband Ben. I got started with silk painting at the University of Texas where I studied costuming. It took a course about dyeing fabric for the theatre and learned to work with silk. I loved it so much I couldn't stop. I mostly like working with shibori methods because the organic look that can be achieved (it's just more my aesthetic) but I'll occasionally work with resist methods as well.

Her Shop

Monday, August 18, 2014

Featured Artist- Sirje

My name is Sirje and I’m from Estonia, a small country in Northern Europe.

Why silk painting?

I’ve been interested in crafts and design earlier, but now when I discovered the charm of silk painting, it takes all my time. I’ve been painting for 6 years now and I’m basically a self taught artist. I’ve attended several courses and workshops to get my basic knowledge and Maria Jürimäe is my dear mentor in this field. The atmosphere at her courses is very creative and fruitful.

What inspires you in paintings?

I love colors and silk as a material and the process of painting, but it has become by far more for me than a hobby just now. It is a way of life and joy in painting which I practice. Now I have started to observe nature and seasons and save the color palette in my memory. Quite often when seeing a lovely view or nice flower I think on my own: "How would it look like when painted on silk?" There are often flowers or motifs which talk to people. I called my Etsy shop SilkLetters because my paintings are like letters on silk to my audience about what I have seen or what I consider important.
Your favorite silk type, resist.

I like dyes fixed by steam by Pebeo and Marabou, I often use Marabou golden gutta which gives the scarves a more festive look. I get all my materials from our local sellers Vunder and Scanimpex.

If you have a family or kids or another job, how do you balance those and find time to paint?

My two children are grown-ups now and as soon as my daughter started with her own life I moved my painting studio into her former room. My husband made the frames for the scarves and so I was free to paint and experiment. I am a full time office worker and silk painting is such a pleasant change for me.
A tip for silk fans: 

I have tried several painting techniques and there’s a lot to discover, but wax batik technique is one of the most interesting one for me. When painting you’ll have to visualise the result and think in “layers” as you apply the colors and hot wax. There is always a “Wow!” effect after the wax has been removed. I've also tried painting without any resistant and this process may bring you to meditation, but sometimes you must react very quickly, depending how the colors behave. I think that every silk painter has had her “mistakes” which are actually our valuable lessons. Etsy has given me the opportunity to learn more about fabulous silk painters and introduce my work.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Artist Introduction- Claire

Say hello to one of our newest Etsy Team Members! Claire Bentley.

How did I start Silk painting... well, I have been surrounded by arts, crafts and in particular Embroidery all my childhood as my Mum is a very talented Embroiderer, which she teaches too. She used Silk painting as part of her work, so I had seen her do it, then embroider over the top. I had a go at Embroidery, but it wasn't for me and went in a completely different route, becoming a Jewellery Designer as my career, where I have stayed for the last 20 years.

I wanted to try something different and had done some internet research on silk painting, finding the most amazing painting. I have a passion of colour, so as a Christmas present a couple of years ago, my mum gave me a Silk painting kit.

I created a few paintings which hang on my walls at home, but I thought I would like to see if I could create some others with the views of selling them.

Inspiration comes from everywhere, my head is full of it and usually have too many ideas and can't get them down on paper quick enough. Nature is a big one, painting flowers and a few animals, but my 2 latest projects I am working on are a patterned VW camper van and Peter & Paul Catherdal in St Petersburg - just at the drawing stage, but very excited about getting the design onto silk!

I am a novice Silk painter and learn as I go, but I love it, especially when its colour time and the paint spreads into the silk!

Her Shop

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sarah Wisemen- Featured Artist
Introducing one of our newest members of the silk artist team on Etsy, Sarah Wisemen and her story how she got into silk painting.

I first tried silk painting about 15 years ago. I was staying with a friend whose mum is an art teacher, and she ran a silk painting workshop for us in her kitchen. I painted a gecko on a tree, surrounded by flowers, leaves, berries and ferns, and I loved the painting so much that I still have it on the wall of my living room today.

From that moment I was hooked. I went home and bought all the gear, and I’ve been painting on silk ever since. I usually paint wildlife and plants, and my paintings are inspired by the wildlife I have encountered in the UK, and on my travels in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

I also paint in watercolour, and I’ve done watercolour illustrations for three children’s books, on trees, invertebrates and birds.

I live in Scotland, and I’ve worked for a variety of nature conservation organisations. When my last contract finished at the end of 2013, I decided to focus on painting and trying to sell my art. I’ve just opened my Etsy shop.

Website –


Monday, July 14, 2014

Lost Gutta- A Tutorial by Leanne Holt

I stumbled upon a technique that has some useful applications. I am calling it Lost Gutta. I'm sure it's not new, just new to me.

This involves placing your gutta line over an existing background color. You use the gutta line the same way you would use batik wax - to create shape or an edge.

Adding the next layer of color gives you the chance to create an edge. Wherever the new color touches your gutta line, you will have an edge.

If you do not place any color next to the gutta line, like the pink flower in previous picture with the arrow, the line will be lost when the gutta is removed.

This gives you the opportunity to create edges where you want them, without having a solid gutta line around your entire design.

The finished scarf

Happy Creating!

Leanne Holt
Flingamo Scarves

Friday, June 20, 2014

Joanne Raines- Featured Artist
 Today I have the pleasure of sharing one of our artist's stories with you. Meet Joanne Raines with beautiful story on how she found silk painting.

How did I discover Silk Painting?

Well it was the summer of 1998, my husband and I were on vacation in Thailand. We'd spent 3 busy days in Bangkok visiting as many sights as possible and were now on the island of Phuket.

The minute we landed on the island I felt really queasy and it wouldn't go away, then it clicked, "I must be pregnant" I got one of the waiters to bring me some raw ginger to help with the symptoms.

After a few days and my repeated requests for ginger the waiter said if I needed any more to go through into the back kitchens myself and ask one of the chefs.

The first time I went through the staff doors it opened onto an enclosed courtyard, and that's when I spotted a young woman with her silk painting in progress.

I got the ginger then returned to ask the woman if I could watch her for a while, I don't think she understood me but she didn't send me on my way. She was painting a beautiful landscape scene with birds and butterfly's and I knew right then I would have to try it for myself.

When we returned to the UK I did as much research as I could before ordering the necessary supplies to give it a go. I'd always been into arts and crafts but never trained in any. I'm a beauty therapist by trade. The very first piece I did was on a spare bit of silk about the size of a handkerchief and was a pink water lily, I made a decent enough job of it for a first attempt and that was it, hooked!.

P.S Yes I was pregnant and had my daughter in February 99, she's a much better artist than I'll ever be.

Thanks Joanne for sharing that beautiful story with us.



Monday, June 9, 2014

Teaching Art- By Lynne Tagliaferro

This past week I had my annual student art exhibit at the school where I teach art. While watching the students and their families walk through the halls admiring the achievements of my students I was reminded how important the arts are to a child’s education.

The arts enhance creativity, an important skill in a rapidly changing world.

The arts develop critical intellectual skills. The arts foster higher level of thinking. Children learn to observe, interpret, analyze and see different perspectives. Levels of thinking that carry over to other subjects as well as life situations.

The arts teach language skills. Through learning about and creating art children are developing new concepts, building vocabulary and learn a new language.

The arts teach math. The arts require measurement, number manipulation and proportional thinking, all of which enhance math learning.

The arts teach teamwork. Through the arts children learn how to work together and together they can achieve anything.

The arts provide a developing passion to learn, grow and improve.

The arts teach understanding and acceptance. Through history of art and multicultural art students learn to understand and accept the differences in cultures and people.

The arts help children say what can not be said. The arts are an expression of feelings.

Lynne Tagliaferro

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How to use Deviant Art- By Luiza Malinowska

Deviant Art – Personal Gallery, Portfolio and... oh a blog too!

We all know that selling on Etsy requires a tremendous amount of self promoting. Yes, we all have our FaceBook pages, out Pinterest Boards and Tweeters (how to use that thing, anybody?).... should we get a blog too? And maybe a gallery … and so the list of useful social media sites goes on and on.

How would you feel about a social media page that can connect to your FB, Pinterest, Tweeter (again, how to use it?) that gives you unlimited space for your online gallery (drawings, sketches, photos, all in neat categories), gives you a blog space (called Journal) and A LOT of support from fellow members (we are calling ourselves 'Deviants'). Deviant Art will give you this and many, many more!
Joining is free. Find how to join and navigate here:

In this article I would like to share some tips on promoting yourself on Deviant. It is quite a lot of work but as you will see the personal page format is much more friendly than FB and... yes, it will stay there exactly as you like it (nothing gets to old, nothing is going to disappear!)

Having your Etsy shop you will probably want to use the same name for your Deviant Account. You will get a neat personal homepage '' You can share as much info as you like, think of your homepage as your Portfolio – your visitors may find your works divided into categories (folders), know your personal favorite works, find out about you in DeviantID and find out about your day (Journal, but if you like you may use this window for a commission info)
I encourage you to fill as much info as you can – it will make your account alive and let your visitors to know you to see you as a person, not just a salesman. You may like to place link to your shop here and there ;)

Now off to your gallery. Again, please see the on how to post images. It is pretty intuitive. Just remember to find a right category for your piece of art. If you paint silk scarfs or similar, you will probably wanna use Artisan Crafts / Textiles / Clothing
Fill your gallery with items, adding links to your shop into the comment section.

Newly added picture will attract some attention (in my experience up to 4 views) because it lands on Front page for a fraction of a second. Some ppl will give you hearts (as on Etsy) some ppl will comment on your picture. Then your picture will be visible on theirs homepages underneath the name Favorites (yes, there is a Favorites space on your homepage, so add hearts, spread the love!)
Ideally, your picture will be promoting itself... but we all know this is just a dream. Here's where the work really begins!

On Etsy there are Teams, on DeviantArt there are Groups (find the list here: or, if you like, check out the Groups I'm in, there are a lot of Artisan Crafts Groups for us! You will find them at the bottom of my homepage: ) When you select a Group, you will need to join in before posting pictures. There is Join button in every Group. Just hit it and refresh the page – often you will be accepted instantly.

Then you will find new button called 'Contribute Art' Hit it and add your picture TO THE RIGHT category!! This is vital! If you choose 'digital art' or 'fantasy' or 'bakery' for your silk scarf picture instead of 'Artisan Crafts' or variation of that name, your pic won't get into the Group folder.
The picture might be instantly accepted, but almost all Groups are moderated and you will need to wait a few days for the response (you will find it in your Feedback). Then your picture goes to every Group member feedback. Yay, so you see, if they choose to view it, you will get a lot of traffic to your pic and hopefully, to your shop!!

There are a ton of ways to be noticed on DeviantArt, but Groups seems to be working best! Please remember that on DeviantArt kindness goes a long way! If you give hearts and comment on others peoples works, you will get a feedback in return. DeviantArt seems to be an older, more artsy brother of FB and I am sure, that you will love it!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

New Member Introduction: Caitlin
I'm pleased to introduce you to one of our team's newest members, Caitlin. 

"Well, I first got into silk painting and dyeing during my BVA degree in Textiles at the ANU in Canberra. I fell in love with the colours and textures that could be produced with this technique. I wouldn't say I am a traditional silk painter, I have more of a contemporary take on the technique. I had a lot of success with a collection of silk scarves I produced for my degree so decided to start a business from this producing similar products. My current scarves use silk dyeing and silk painting with manutex. I don't focus on specific designs when I am painting or dyeing. I like to see where the dyes take themselves. That's the best part not knowing the final outcome until the very end I think!"


Friday, May 9, 2014

New Member Introduction: Mary 

Welcome Mary to the silk artist team of Etsy

"A little bit about me: happily married to my best friend for 27 years, mother of three grown boys. I am a Canadian transplant, we have lived in the states for 16 years now. Youngest of ten children (all artistic even my mother) I've always looked for something that called to me, and then I found it a little over a year ago.

I was visiting with my oldest sister over dinner and she was describing a new thing she had learned at her art studio, the more she described it the more interested I became, it was silk painting of coarse. Well I live 8 hours from my family and I had to return home, but my interest was piqued. Then last summer while my husband I were visiting again, she set up a day where all the girls in my family could get together and have a silk painting day. Including my 87 year old mother! Well the silk sang to me and I was hooked! My sister wrote down step by step directions on what to do, where to purchase my products and which ones would be the best, yes she rocks!!

I guess the rest is history as I try to expand my business through word of mouth, craft and art fairs and of coarse Etsy. I am trying to always try new things be it a different material, size, product or style. I am loving the learning process of it all."

Mary's SHOP 

Monday, May 5, 2014

New Member Introduction: Samantha

We are pleased to introduce to you one of the Etsy Silk Artist team's newest members. A warm welcome to Samantha. 

Here is what she says about herself: "I am a local artist in Alberta, Canada and my main medium is painting. I finished a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Alberta and have been work as an artist ever since.
 I began silk painting on a whim about 4 years ago, and have enjoyed it ever since. 
Mostly my work is of the Rocky Mountain Landscapes or the Prairies that I call home, but the process of painting on silk I find completely calming. 
The colors and the fabric are so wonderful to work with. I also teach about 8 Silk Scarf painting workshops a year, and display my work at the Art Gallery of Alberta."

Don't forget to step by her SHOP on Etsy!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Silk Artist Challenge #16 winner

Summer is almost here and let's brighten up our day with something colorful! After a little pause, here you go Silk Artist Challenge #16 treasuries! This time featured item was bright silk scarf by TiiuHandCraft .

All the wonderful treasuries made by participants:
Easter time by Ieva

And the winner is....
Donata with her wonderful treasury All the colors of the world!
Congratulations, Donata!
For next inspiring item and treasuries including it, click here!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Greetings from Spring!

Lately our blog has been pretty quiet, so I decided to create something fresh to show you some of the finest Silk Artist team silk art pieces! Take a closer look at treasury Springish celebration here! 

Feel free to show us YOUR spring treasury here in comments!

Featured members:     
• Joanna from joyinmystudio   
• Marie from mariegradypalcic 
• Zane from akwiinas         
• Fiona from FCBCreations    

Luiza from MinkuLUL              
• Crochetpocket from CrochetPocket
• Bistra from BSerene              
Elizabeth from silkiness           

         • Sirje from SilkLetters                 
Cheryl from CygnetSilks      
• Borneo from BorneoBatikraft
• Maleah from MaleahTorney  

Tatjana from TanjaDesign    
• Nelou from nelou            
Fiona from silkandart         
• Aigars from TextilesVintage 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

How to create a treasury fast - Part 2

Hello everybody, who walks by our little blog. I, Zane from akwiinas, would like to share one of my favorite tools for Etsy treasury curating -  Shmetsy. You can find the first part of basics how to create a treasury at Elizabeth's post Here.
What is this tool about you will ask. An answer is simple- it lets you add items to your treasury with one click and when it's published, you can send out convos to featured sellers with one click again! I believe it will save you a lot of time, I know it because it saves a lot of time for myself as well!

Screenshot from installing Shmetsy on Firefox

Before we can enjoy the new treasury creating process, you can find the installation guide Here.  Don't forget to read the user guide, sometimes you can find a lot of interesting information there.

After browser's restart appears Shmetsy icon on right side 

When the installation process is finished you may need to restart your browser. After the restart you will find a little icon on right side bar.

Preparations for the big Treasury creating is done. Click on the Shmetsy icon, choose "Treasury Maker" and in a new tab you need to click on "Send me to".
To start to create a treasury via Shmetsy, click on Send me to
The treasury creating page which will open has the same look as regular Treasury creating page. Magic happens when you search for items to feature in your treasury (search for items in a new tab via search). Next to each items price you will find tiny smiley face. when you click on it and it turns to green, filled face, it means you have added it to your treasury in another tab. 
On the left two items are added to treasury, on the right - not added
Add 24 items to your treasury, fill the title and the description fields and tag it to make it easier to find for others. Just like now with all the treasuries created in Etsy you can save it as a draft for yourself or publish it. 
Within a few minutes you can create a treasury with the most beautiful items. Isn't it easy?

One more great extra from Shmetsy is the convo sending after you have published a treasury. To do that you need to open a created treasury and click on the Shmetsy icon. This time choose "Convo sender" and check if it offers you to notify featured artists from the right treasury. Scroll down a little bit and on the right sidebar, below Curator tools you will find "Send Convos" section. Type in the Subject and the message, one click on the Send button and it's done! 24 convos are sent!
To send convos to all of featured sellers, choose Convo Sender,
type in the subject, message and click the Send button
If you click on the Advanced settings you will be able to check boxes to include listing name of the featured item in the convo's subject and to include a listing url to the message.

I hope you will find Shmetsy helpful for your daily treasury creating process! Feel free to share your treasuries created with this tool!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Silk Artist Challenge #8 winner

This year has started with an active team challenge thread. Last weeks team members made treasuries with featured item - brilliant Art Nouveau style silk scarf with sunflowers by Lynne
And look at all these treasuries made for this challenge:
1) Sunshine & Blue sky by Jennifer
2) Sunshine, Fire, Water by Elizabeth 
3) You look nice today by Ieva
4) Good morning! by Sirje
5) Sunflower field by Ieva

Congrats to .... Maria! Her The Time of the Angels and Light is the winner treasury!


'The Time of the Angels and Light' by singingscarves

Inspired by silk art by Lynne! Wishing you all wonderful Christmas time full of Angels and Light

Aqua Mason Jar Lantern with ...

Brilliant Art Nouveau style ...

Night Star Photography, dark...

Long Silk Scarf. Silk Scarf....

Abstract Art Chakra Angel Re...

SALE Macro Photography water...

Angel of Passion - fine art ...

Blue Handpainted Silk Scarf....

Iris Silk Scarf or wallhangi...

Orange Candle Flame Study No...

Electric Blue Hand Dyed With...

Exclusive Gift for MEN'S...

Amber Damask Fused Glass Han...

Owl Silk Scarf Blue White Ye...

Handfelted Merino Wool Tea R...

Isn't this nicely done?
To take a part of next challenge, check out new featured item in next thread in team's forum: Team's challenge #9

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Featured Artist- Lynne Tagliaferro

To begin this new year I have the pleasure of introducing you to a lovely silk artist, Lynne Tagliaferro
if the, Fantastic Pheasant. She hand paints silk items, does pottery, and wearable art

Over the past few months I have had the pleasure to get to know her a bit as one of the leaders of the Silk Artists Team on Etsy.

Enjoy getting to know her a bit through this interview:

Tell us a little about you:

I live on the eastern shore of New Jersey, USA. I live and work in the town I grew up in. I am married, have two children (boy and girl) and two grandchildren (girl age 2 and a boy age 9 months).
I am a full time art teacher in an elementary school, a career I adore!

Why silk painting?
I am creating art all the time, whether it be with my students or my own art work. I was first introduced to fiber art in college and have been in love with it ever since. I worked in batik for many years and started painting on silk about a year ago. I truly enjoy this medium.
I enjoy the unpredictability of the silk and the dyes. I start with an idea, a mental image of what I want to create then I let the silk and the dye dictate the completion of the piece.

What inspires your paintings?

I am inspired by the world around me. I find inspiration in nature (I love to garden), studying master artists and even my student's art work. My current inspiration is the art and architecture of the Art Nouveau period.

What tip can you share with other silk art fans?

The best 'tip' I can give to other silk artist is, it's okay to make mistakes. When a mistake or mishap happens go with it…as I tell my students "turn that mistake into a masterpiece".

Where you can find Lynne: