Thursday, January 16, 2014

How to create a treasury fast - Part 2

Hello everybody, who walks by our little blog. I, Zane from akwiinas, would like to share one of my favorite tools for Etsy treasury curating -  Shmetsy. You can find the first part of basics how to create a treasury at Elizabeth's post Here.
What is this tool about you will ask. An answer is simple- it lets you add items to your treasury with one click and when it's published, you can send out convos to featured sellers with one click again! I believe it will save you a lot of time, I know it because it saves a lot of time for myself as well!

Screenshot from installing Shmetsy on Firefox

Before we can enjoy the new treasury creating process, you can find the installation guide Here.  Don't forget to read the user guide, sometimes you can find a lot of interesting information there.

After browser's restart appears Shmetsy icon on right side 

When the installation process is finished you may need to restart your browser. After the restart you will find a little icon on right side bar.

Preparations for the big Treasury creating is done. Click on the Shmetsy icon, choose "Treasury Maker" and in a new tab you need to click on "Send me to".
To start to create a treasury via Shmetsy, click on Send me to
The treasury creating page which will open has the same look as regular Treasury creating page. Magic happens when you search for items to feature in your treasury (search for items in a new tab via search). Next to each items price you will find tiny smiley face. when you click on it and it turns to green, filled face, it means you have added it to your treasury in another tab. 
On the left two items are added to treasury, on the right - not added
Add 24 items to your treasury, fill the title and the description fields and tag it to make it easier to find for others. Just like now with all the treasuries created in Etsy you can save it as a draft for yourself or publish it. 
Within a few minutes you can create a treasury with the most beautiful items. Isn't it easy?

One more great extra from Shmetsy is the convo sending after you have published a treasury. To do that you need to open a created treasury and click on the Shmetsy icon. This time choose "Convo sender" and check if it offers you to notify featured artists from the right treasury. Scroll down a little bit and on the right sidebar, below Curator tools you will find "Send Convos" section. Type in the Subject and the message, one click on the Send button and it's done! 24 convos are sent!
To send convos to all of featured sellers, choose Convo Sender,
type in the subject, message and click the Send button
If you click on the Advanced settings you will be able to check boxes to include listing name of the featured item in the convo's subject and to include a listing url to the message.

I hope you will find Shmetsy helpful for your daily treasury creating process! Feel free to share your treasuries created with this tool!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Silk Artist Challenge #8 winner

This year has started with an active team challenge thread. Last weeks team members made treasuries with featured item - brilliant Art Nouveau style silk scarf with sunflowers by Lynne
And look at all these treasuries made for this challenge:
1) Sunshine & Blue sky by Jennifer
2) Sunshine, Fire, Water by Elizabeth 
3) You look nice today by Ieva
4) Good morning! by Sirje
5) Sunflower field by Ieva

Congrats to .... Maria! Her The Time of the Angels and Light is the winner treasury!


'The Time of the Angels and Light' by singingscarves

Inspired by silk art by Lynne! Wishing you all wonderful Christmas time full of Angels and Light

Aqua Mason Jar Lantern with ...

Brilliant Art Nouveau style ...

Night Star Photography, dark...

Long Silk Scarf. Silk Scarf....

Abstract Art Chakra Angel Re...

SALE Macro Photography water...

Angel of Passion - fine art ...

Blue Handpainted Silk Scarf....

Iris Silk Scarf or wallhangi...

Orange Candle Flame Study No...

Electric Blue Hand Dyed With...

Exclusive Gift for MEN'S...

Amber Damask Fused Glass Han...

Owl Silk Scarf Blue White Ye...

Handfelted Merino Wool Tea R...

Isn't this nicely done?
To take a part of next challenge, check out new featured item in next thread in team's forum: Team's challenge #9

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Featured Artist- Lynne Tagliaferro

To begin this new year I have the pleasure of introducing you to a lovely silk artist, Lynne Tagliaferro
if the, Fantastic Pheasant. She hand paints silk items, does pottery, and wearable art

Over the past few months I have had the pleasure to get to know her a bit as one of the leaders of the Silk Artists Team on Etsy.

Enjoy getting to know her a bit through this interview:

Tell us a little about you:

I live on the eastern shore of New Jersey, USA. I live and work in the town I grew up in. I am married, have two children (boy and girl) and two grandchildren (girl age 2 and a boy age 9 months).
I am a full time art teacher in an elementary school, a career I adore!

Why silk painting?
I am creating art all the time, whether it be with my students or my own art work. I was first introduced to fiber art in college and have been in love with it ever since. I worked in batik for many years and started painting on silk about a year ago. I truly enjoy this medium.
I enjoy the unpredictability of the silk and the dyes. I start with an idea, a mental image of what I want to create then I let the silk and the dye dictate the completion of the piece.

What inspires your paintings?

I am inspired by the world around me. I find inspiration in nature (I love to garden), studying master artists and even my student's art work. My current inspiration is the art and architecture of the Art Nouveau period.

What tip can you share with other silk art fans?

The best 'tip' I can give to other silk artist is, it's okay to make mistakes. When a mistake or mishap happens go with it…as I tell my students "turn that mistake into a masterpiece".

Where you can find Lynne: