Monday, June 9, 2014

Teaching Art- By Lynne Tagliaferro

This past week I had my annual student art exhibit at the school where I teach art. While watching the students and their families walk through the halls admiring the achievements of my students I was reminded how important the arts are to a child’s education.

The arts enhance creativity, an important skill in a rapidly changing world.

The arts develop critical intellectual skills. The arts foster higher level of thinking. Children learn to observe, interpret, analyze and see different perspectives. Levels of thinking that carry over to other subjects as well as life situations.

The arts teach language skills. Through learning about and creating art children are developing new concepts, building vocabulary and learn a new language.

The arts teach math. The arts require measurement, number manipulation and proportional thinking, all of which enhance math learning.

The arts teach teamwork. Through the arts children learn how to work together and together they can achieve anything.

The arts provide a developing passion to learn, grow and improve.

The arts teach understanding and acceptance. Through history of art and multicultural art students learn to understand and accept the differences in cultures and people.

The arts help children say what can not be said. The arts are an expression of feelings.

Lynne Tagliaferro

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