Monday, March 17, 2014

Greetings from Spring!

Lately our blog has been pretty quiet, so I decided to create something fresh to show you some of the finest Silk Artist team silk art pieces! Take a closer look at treasury Springish celebration here! 

Feel free to show us YOUR spring treasury here in comments!

Featured members:     
• Joanna from joyinmystudio   
• Marie from mariegradypalcic 
• Zane from akwiinas         
• Fiona from FCBCreations    

Luiza from MinkuLUL              
• Crochetpocket from CrochetPocket
• Bistra from BSerene              
Elizabeth from silkiness           

         • Sirje from SilkLetters                 
Cheryl from CygnetSilks      
• Borneo from BorneoBatikraft
• Maleah from MaleahTorney  

Tatjana from TanjaDesign    
• Nelou from nelou            
Fiona from silkandart         
• Aigars from TextilesVintage 

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